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Jarvine Riffle

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These Jarvine Riffles are from AIGP, is a SCREENED FLUID BED RIFFLE, or a baffle for your high banker or dredge.

It allows for the fine heavy's to slow down under the riffle on top of the miner's moss or deep V. Too stop your fine gold from blowing out over the mat. Plus, a great nugget catch that won't clog with junk.

This DREAM MAT original design was created to help prospectors have high bankers & dredges that are so far advance compared to old school tech, that it's like buying a spaceship!

Paul Jarvis (Master High Banker Builder) has proved & tested the concept and adapted into his standard designs. As we say here at Dream Mat, RESULTS RULE, the rest is just talk.

16 Ga. 1/8" perforated sheet, w/ 5x 5/8" tall zigzag riffles for widths 8"-10"-12"

16 Ga. 1/4" perforated sheet, w/ 5x 3/4" tall zigzag riffles for widths 14"-16"-20"-24"

Here is a video on the basic product plus a video of an example of this product used in a mini high banker upgrade.