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What's is in your sluice box? Why is it important? Is there really a difference? How can you tell if your matting is not Snake Oil?

Technology pounds us every day, we cant escape the smart phone market. Everyone's face buried in the latest smart phone or tablet? Why??? Well, you can see who your talking too, even put cute little avatars on them! You can watch the latest movie or stream live sports & news. Do online banking & investments. Even find you next true love (ha ha)! Now lets switch gears.

What advancements has your sluice box matting made lately? Is there a SMART SLUICE MAT out there? Has Engineering, Fluid dynamics, Science, good old Necessity made a Better Smarter Sluice Mat? The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

In the past 200 years, besides carving it by hand, sluice matting has been other materials that were lying around, thrown into the BOX to catch that sneaky Au. Burlap sacks, wooden slats, carpets, conveyor belts, expanded metal, dewatering mat (miners moss). My favorite 1800's long tom sluice was stumps different heights stood on end all thru-out the trough. So the gold would fall out between the logs & in the low stump areas.

Problem with all these methods, the items were not designed to catch gold. So miners started steadily making Hungarian Riffles in the mid 1800's, perpendicular to the flow, custom metal bars meant to allow for the gold to find a low pressure zone in the flow behind the riffle & collect. This worked great for large & medium gold, but was hit & miss for that sneaky fine Au. Thus the need for that SMART SLUICE MAT, that can "catch flour amongst boulders".

Prospectors (more than miners) started inventing exaggerated or crazy devices to trick that fine sneaky gold. But the flaw in all those hyped up, or custom designs is they all bear the perpendicular to the flow genetic trait, or flaw. Water creates rolling vortices in the sluice box, like a brick rolling on pencils. Everything is rolling out, we know this cause water flows down hill. So these vortices are like little pumps constantly spinning with the fine gold caught up like kites in the wind, down & out the box! Like the pencils I mentioned earlier. What we need is a SMART MAT that does not create this problem of migrating the gold OUT OF THE BOX!!!!

So is there such a mat? A mat truly designed to exploit the fluid dynamics problems in the box that hasn't really seen a change in over 100 years? A Smart Mat? Too land the plane for all our readers who have made it this far, YES! Recently a sluice mat has been designed to looks & works like no other & IS NOT used out of what was lying around! Fluid Dynamic experts, engineering & good old mother nature have teamed together to make a DREAM MAT that works completely different! So different, its either genius or madness! Dream Mat throws out the old school perpendicular to the flow Hungarian riffle approach that migrates gold & incorporates the hydro cyclone effect into the sluice box. Allowing the rolling pencil to be stood on end in a vertical axis & spin the gold into a fluid bed cell sheltered from the flow leaving the box. Not in just one spot, but hundreds of them on the mat like an army of gold collecting stations! Strategically laid out for the material to pass from cell to cell like a finely tuned musical instrument.

One of the key aspects of the Dream Mat, is that it captures gold by moving it back up stream! Yes, I really said that! Dream Mat captures the gold & in the spinning motion moves it up stream into a safe collection zone. What more could you ask for!? A Smart Mat that take your fine gold up stream away from the end of the box! There are so many complex aspects to the fluid dynamics of Dream Mat, but all were specifically arranged on purpose. The purpose of being a SMART MAT. To stop rolling fine gold out the box, to stop repeating the problem. Insanity is doing the same thing twice & expecting different results. Dream Mat is different alright, it looks almost like alien technology compared to speed bumps laid across the flow to slow down gold.

RESULTS RULE! To anyone who reads this & thinks snake oil. We want to insure you Dream Mat is the ONLY sluice mat in the world to have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind our product. But we can stop your relative or prospecting buddy from borrowing it when you're not looking.

For a video that shows a in depth light board teaching Dream Mat Sluice Box Matting click below!


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