About us






Prospectors Dream was inspired solely on helping the prospector work less to get more gold. Born in the stream bed in N.W. Montana, that goal has never been lost. But birthed out of tenacious and relentless design! Even with that, we ourselves are amazed how good this product actually works!

After many years of earning our ranks in the prospecting & mining industry. Prospectors Dream LLC has put down its roots in N.W. Montana w/ a BRAND NEW Manufacturing Facility dedicated to making Dream Mat the world class product it has become! Shipping worldwide, manufacturing in Australia also, sales & service, w/ an established reputation for top tier fine gold recovery!



My brother Tim has partnered w/ me to allow us to have the expertise in-house of a complete manufacturing business! Sales, Shipping/warehouse, manufacturing, R&D engineering, & marketing. Also, we also enjoy a great partnership w/ Dustin in Australia who sells Dream Mat. We are showing the gold community that, people of good character can all play in the sand box & have fun doing it! Collaboration, good business just doesn't fall out of the sky. It takes discipline & courage, and a little craziness (my part!)

It's always been my vision that Dream Mat will become bigger than ourselves! With our overwhelming organic support from the prospecting community, we feel proud to say, "we feel we are the #1 prospecting mat in the world!" With unmatched fine gold recovery & still 100% satisfaction guarantee! 


Our #1 Goal is...."More Gold = More Fun!" With prospectors coining phrases like, "Front Row Gold", "Fastest Clean Out EVER", "Turning every novice into an EXPERT" Join our Face Book group, "Dream Mat USA" for tips & help from experts, Free Giveaways & great deals! Our YouTube Channel "DREAM MAT" has over 800 liked videos from prospectors using Dream Mat all over the world! We hope you get the opportunity to say what Tens of Thousands of other people have said after using Dream Mat for the 1st time, ...."WOW just WOW!"


Thank You for visiting our site, I hope you find your next FINE GOLD ADVENTURE waiting for you w/ a Dream Mat that fits YOU!