Born in the streambeds of N.W. Montana, Prospectors Dream was founded on the goal of helping prospectors find more gold with less work. As a result of relentless innovation and testing, Dream Mat products were born.

The founders, Tim and Dave came together to bring the complete manufacturing process in-house with a dedicated facility nestled in their home state. Additionally, they have a great partnership with Gold Rat Engineering which sells Dream Mat products in Australia. 

It has always been their vision that Dream Mat products will be bigger than themselves. Now, with overwhelming support from the prospecting community, Prospectors Dream is proud to say we create the #1 prospecting mat in the world. We offer an unmatched fine gold recovery and stand by this with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Dream Mat users around the world have been coining phrases like "Front Row Gold", "Fastest Clean Out ever", and "Turning every novice into an expert". You can join them through our Facebook group - Dream Mat USA to keep up on deals, get tips from experts, and participate in our free giveaways. Check out our Youtube Channel - Dream Mat to watch over 2000 videos used to entertain and educate prospectors around the world.

We hope one day everyone will have the chance to see what happens to their pan when using our products. Good luck & pray for nuggets!



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