Cape "4D" Super Charge your Cube

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  • $160

SAVE ON 3 MAT PACKAGE! 1x Micro & 2x Cape-D's & 1x Mini Cube! 

Micro on slick plate (free gold)

2 trays of Cape-D

Last tray Mini Cube for change up!

Every time you change up, you can capture different zone gold. So for a 3x stack w/ a slick plate, this is the Cats Meow!

 The Cape-D mat was designed upon request from prospectors on the west coast sluicing for ocean gold. Customer driven, with the performance they wanted!

Run 2x the feed rate & more water flow to process more material & get more gold!!! No more baby scoops!  no more overloading shallow conveyor belt. No more slow clean-outs!

If think conveyor belt can stack against this, dig a hole for your head in the sand. Folks technology don't come in cheap re purposed conveyor mat. It comes with the fluid dynamics of Dream Mat! 1005 Absolutely love it or $$$ back. This ant no lame goose.