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Adventure Sluice Header Box Combo

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Take this clean up unit to your next GOLD Camp adventure! Watch folks freak out as you catch more gold faster & easier that large clean-up systems. When you can do more for less, with less cons & better FINE GOLD RECOVERY than larger, slow outdated systems. You'll be the talk of the campfire at your dredge or prospecting camp adventure.

This is a must for your GOLD SHED arsenal. Your other clean-up equipment will start collecting dust, while this collects all the gold!

Great Custom Header Box w/ an Adventure Sluice w/ no flare.

3D Printed; Easy slip fit for removing the sluice for clean-up.

Slip fit for your 3/4" SCH-40 plastic pipe plumbing.

Ready to be set up however you want too.


Color Fading may occur in these harder urethanes, will not affect performance or longevity of mat. Cosmetic only.

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