10" X 35" Sluice Box with Mini/Micro Dream Mat Combo - Big Foot Series

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Big Foot Series sluices are shorter for more versatile use. Make it easy to get a good slope drop and to fit your sluice in your pack. Sluice confidently as gold gets caught in the front row. The mats easily cleans out into a pan or 5-gallon bucket and are light enough to go where you go. This is like having a professional miner in your backpack! Sluice & then finish sluice to reduce your concentrates in one package. Make your trip less work & more fun than other outdated conventional riffles. 

Reduce your concentrates, get instant clean outs, take home more gold!

  • 10" X 35" Sluice Box
  • Clamp Set
  • 16 ga. aluminum construction
  • 10" X 24" Micro Dream Mat 
  • 10" X 24" Mini Dream Mat 

Save $20 when you buy this combo vs separately. 

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