Mat Guide

Use this as a guide to choose the best mat for your situation. Feel free to leave us some feedback on additional information you'd find helpful on this table. We will update it as we go.



Vortex Dream Mat 


Our original mat produced back in 2016, this has been a favorite for stream sluicing unclassified since.

    • Unclassified Feed
    • Large & Fine Gold Recovery
    • 3/4" Cell Diameter


Micro Dream Mat 


This acts as a scrubber mat to trap fine gold. 

    • Fine Gold Recovery
    • Great for Large & Small Cleanups
    • Great for Fine Sands
    • Can Run Unclassified
    • 1/8" Cell Diameter


Mini Dream Mat for Sluice 

    • High/Low Cell Pattern
    • Minimizes Overburdening
    • Great Fine Gold Recovery
    • Great for Cutting Concentrates & Catching Gemstones
    • Works Great in Highbankers and Trommels.
    • Works for Sluicing, & Super Concentrating Final Cleanups
    • 3/8" Cell Diameter


Mini Dream Mat for Gold Cube 


Never worry about losing a NUGGET with your cube again!

    • Allows Higher Feeds Rates
    • Larger Classification Size for Gemstones (up to 3/8")
    • Instant Cleanouts! 
    • No More Bubbles!
    • Great Fine Gold Recovery
    • 3/8" Cell Diameter


Combo Dream Mat

    • Small to Large Gold Recovery
    • 3-Step Recovery System (Micro Mat, Cape-D Mat, Mini Mat)
    • Great for Sluicing Fine Gold
    • Great for Highbanking Fine Gold


Cape-D Dream Mat


Designed for catching fine gold in beach sands. 

    • Fine Gold Recovery
    • Works Best with 1/16" Classify
    • 3/16" Cell Diameter


Dredge Dream Mat 


Designed for high flow demands of dredges and wash plants.

    • Unclassified Feed
    • High Flow & Feed Rates
    • Reduces Gold Migration 
    • Reduces Cleanup Concentrates
    • 3/4" Cell Diameter


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