Speed Banker 12" Unclassified Power Sluice

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The Speed Banker is the next EVOLUTION to high banking. Dream Mat was designed to run unclassified, so why have 2 piles of tailings? With a great BOIL BOX to liberate your gold in the "Destruction Zone" we easily catch the gold less work. NEVER MISS THAT BIG NUGGET OR GOLD SPECIMEN AGAIN!

With the Jarvine Riffle in the hopper tray, we easily catch nuggets & specimens and SLOW THE FINE GOLD DOWN to be caught in the dream mat like shooting fish in a barrel!

Front legs are meant to be vertical on proper pitCh, so guess work is eliminated. The 2" spray bar won't experience pressure drops like the skinny ones. Has enough holes for 1-1/2" pump, but more can be added for a 2" pump to get higher flow if desired.

All Aluminum welded, very stout legs, this is not a toy, but a high production unit! No more raking gravel off trays & getting soaked buy spray bars. 

Using gold recovery methods mines use for high volume processing & concentrating. Tools to bring you better recovery & cutting out all the hassle. 

Thank You Frank Reed for your great design that started it all back in 2017!



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