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Gold Cube 3x Stack, Dream Mat TURBO CHARGED

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Gold Cube 3x Stack, w/ Dream Mats! Turbo Charged!

This Cube stack was customer designed! w/ fine gold. With making gold recovery easier! Great gold capture & instant cleanout!

Your Cube can now easily handle 1/4" material. The standard 1100 gpm standard pump can used for clean ups. Or upgrade to a larger 2000 gph pump & increase your feed rate & up to 1/4" classify if you are looking to run in TURBO mode!

Dream Mat cube mats are designed for higher flows than the standard 1100 gph pump. 1100 pump will work fine for micro final cleans but may not be enough for the Cape-D & Mini to process in the field w/ raw material. We recommend the 2000 gph pumps.

Mix and match any 3x mat combinations for various uses in the field & clean ups.

You will easily see why customers been asking for this for a long time!



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