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Big Foot 12x24 Vortex Dream Mat

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Dream Mat has become the measure of the bar in fine gold recovery around the world. Join Dream Mat fans around the world, experience gold recovery only the Pro could achieve. More gold is more fun! Dream Mat has the synergy with the gold community that is serious about recovering that gold the other systems miss. Dream Mats increased recovery rate has fueled the NEW GOLD RUSH where Gold can now be found in areas that never were considered a Gold Bearing Area. This is not your older traditional sluice!


New BIG FOOT series sluices are shorter to give a more versatile use. Easier to get good slope drop, easier to fit in your pack. With front row gold capture, you can sluice w/ confidence.

Dream Mat is the 1st sluice mat to be scientifically engineered with advanced fluid dynamic principles.

Based off the elegant physics of Mini Hydro-Cyclone cells capturing the gold.

Dream Mats vortex cells exploits natures own forces in a patented system to bring the finest gold recovery to your pan!

This is our BEST SELLING ORIGINAL MAT, ~12" wide by ~24" long

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