6" X 24" Trek Sluice Box with Mini Dream Mat

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Be prepared to find gold on your next adventure! This sluice easily fits on or in your pack. Get hours of enjoyment while relaxing on the stream, creek, or river, or while exploring into the great outdoors.

A combination perfect for back yard cleanups. With over 68,000 views of Mini Mat outperforming the latest competition, the Mini Mat can't be beat and finds gold in all the other systems tailings. It truly has become the measure of the bar in fine gold recovery around the world. Join Dream Mat fans around the globe and experience gold recovery only the pro could achieve, because more gold is more fun! 

  • Sturdy .05 x 23.75" Aluminum Sluice Box
  • 6" X 16" Mini Dream Mat
  • Easily cleans out into a pan or 5-gallon bucket

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