Christmas Deals on 8x36 Bigfoot sluice: get free 8x24 micro mat

Trek Gold Sluice, 6x24 w/ Micro Mat

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  • $87

Be prepared to find GOLD on your next adventure! This sluice easily fits on or on your backpack. Will give you hours of enjoyment while relaxing on the stream, creek or river you are exploring on your journey into the great outdoors.

If you already got the Mini Mat & need to finish off your Clean-up Arsenal. We made it easy! Both mats fit in one sluice.

6"x16" Micro Mat can't be beat and is almost too good to be true. Dozens of Pay-Dirt channels all run the Micro, cause its better than panning!

Color Fading may occur in these harder urethanes, will not affect performance or longevity of mat. Cosmetic only.