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Adventure Sluice 4x16 without Flare

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The NO FLARE version will allow folks to DIY a header box for doing cleanups. 3D print or fabricate a header box & BOOM, you have an 3 stage cleanup sluice!

This 3x Stage sluice is going to allow prospectors of all ages enjoy themselves MORE!

  • Micro Mat = Insane fine gold recovery you can see; lets you know when you're on the gold without the migration other ribbed mat have.
  • Cape-D (New High Low Version), fine gold recovery for heavy black sands!
  • Mini Mat has that front row gold reputation, sluice w/ confidence fine gold & nuggets are on lockdown!

This sluice is going to shatter myths & superstition. It will defy normal logic of needing a large unit to catch gold. Folks will be scratching their heads trying to figure out how those vortex cells work the magic they do! How they move gold back up stream & hold it like a pit bull! 

We enjoy nothing more than seeing folks smile after solving their fine gold recovery problems. It's so fun to see MORE YELLOW in your pan! We hope you give our new tool a try!

16" long, 4" wide 1 lb Leave note for color preference, but may be subject to stock on hand.

Color Fading may occur in these harder urethanes, will not affect performance or longevity of mat. Cosmetic only.

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