AIGP-USA 8"x32" Switchback Power Sluice

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8"x32" Switchback Power Sluice w/ 2x 8"x24" mats (Micro & Mini). 16 ga aluim. w/ powder coat. 1" NPTF hose connection & leg kit.

This system is great for your claim, or your camps clean up. This can reduce your cons & finish your cons. This system chews 5 gal buckets very fast!

If you had several buckets of raw cons, run them at a high feed rate to cream all the easy gold in the micro mat & reduce all the rest in the mini mat below. Rerun the super cons over the system slow over the micro for clean-up, knowing w/ the mini below, you lose basically nothing.

So many other mats & systems have tried to accomplish this, but with complexity & several more steps. Now make it easy. Let technology help you, the old ways are just... well old.

Stop watching gold migration take gold to the end of your mat, making you wonder how much is in the tailings. See the gold up top of the mats, know the tailings are not worth going thru. Save time, enjoy it somewhere else.