Christmas Deals on 8x36 Bigfoot sluice: get free 8x24 micro mat


Prospectors Dream is Proud to announce the Partnership w/ Adventures In Gold Prospecting for an exclusive Licensed USA Sales outlet!!!

We have been Fans & Supporters of Paul's Journey to becoming the Premier Custom High Banking Manufacture in Canada. Paul became inspired to build custom high bankers when he discovered Dream Mat in 2016! His prospecting friends loved is Dream Mat high banker builds & since he was the 1st one to fall in love w/ Dream Mat & offer custom builds in Canada, it was like shooting fish in a barrel! Soon he not only had the best mat in the planet in his boxes, but his custom builds were so awesome, he became the "West Coast Chopper" of the High banking world.

We are proud to offer a Prospectors Dream Exclusive Product Line, plus take custom orders for all our USA prospecting buddy's.